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Rose and Liam in the UK

Serving Up Love in Wyndham

"We had a self-uniting marriage on campus in the sunken garden in April 2018, our senior year. BMC was a great environment for us both, for me as a queer woman and for Liam who is trans masc." - Rose Kooper-Johnson '18

Rose & Liam
Mecca & Julius

Started Off Sorting Keys, Ended in Love

"This day no love potion, no pre-made gifts, no eye contact across the room or campus. This time it was 8 hours, 2,000 keys, and her and I." -Julius Honey '18

Mecca & Julius
Hazel & Lillian Moffat '22

Love Under the Rock Arch

"Maybe kissing under the Rock Arch on our first month anniversary was magical all along."

Hazel & Lillian
Martely & Nori 1

Finding the Right Pulso

"My first memory was seeing Nori skipping down the hallway. I saw her and felt little butterflies, seeing HER for the first time." - Martely Carrera '18

Martely & Nori

Alexa Lebrón-Cruz '22

Lebrón-Cruz is the lead author on an article that looks at essentialist Beliefs and neurodivergent identification

"While the literature primarily focuses on how dominant group members use essentialist beliefs to oppress others, there is a pocket of research looking at how subordinated group members used essentialist beliefs as a tool for empowerment."

Alexa Lebrón-Cruz '22
gabrielle banner

Gabrielle Farrell '12


"The culture at Bryn Mawr: the Honor Code, being able to trust your neighbor, standing up for the little guy ... it does inspire and motivate me to keep going."

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Molly Seavy-Nesper ’12

Molly Seavy-Nesper ’12


She describes the College as “a gift of four years where I could focus on myself and my friendships and my academic interests. … So by the time that I was out in the ‘real world,’ I was already fully formed, and I wasn't going to change because of patriarchy.”

Molly's Story

Euna Park '14

Don't let the comfort of having a cushion prevent you from growing. Experience isn't just a matter of years you've worked; it's what you've learned and how that can change where you go moving forward.

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