360° - History of Art Stories

360 student group

360°: Poetics and Politics of Race

The goal of this 360° is to unpack how meaning is made from representations of race—from artifacts in an anthropological context, to representations in literature, to how people teach and learn.

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Two students observe a large blue gem

360°: Minerals, Museums, and Western Colonialism

This 360 will examine that question in the context of Bryn Mawr College’s mineral collection: more than 40,000 specimens, most of which were sampled in the mid- to late-19th century.

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360°: The Last Days of Habsburg: Vienna 1900 and the End of an Empire

360°: The Last Days of Habsburg

This 360˚ is an integrated two-credit seminar which is interdisciplinary in nature. Participants study works of art, architecture, design, literature, psychoanalysis, and pseudoscience.

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360°: Perspectives on Sustainability

Disasters and Rebuilding Japan

We invite students to study the history of disaster rebuilding and the impact of the built environment on art and literature as part of broader networks of interactions both in East Asia and the West.

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textile class

360°: Textiles in Context

This cluster provides a multidisciplinary approach to the technical analysis, historical interpretation, and museum display of early Byzantine textiles.

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Blurred image of an art gallery

360°: Biennials and Conservation

Students in this 360° will engage a deeper history of Contemporary Art—one that considers the ways in which an artwork's exhibition and its care structure its meaning in complex ways.

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Century of Self Expression Exhibition

360°: Exhibiting Modern Art

This 360° will consider differences in addressing academy and community as audiences, and bring together theoretical and practical aspects of art history, art criticism, art exhibition, and art education.

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Photograph of Katharine Hepburn holding and looking into a hand mirror

360°: Mirroring the Self

Participants will study the history and theories of self-portraiture, self-representation, and self-fashioning in cultures around the globe from antiquity to the present.

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