360° - Growth and Structure of Cities Stories


360°: Perspectives on Sustainability

Disasters and Rebuilding Japan

We invite students to study the history of disaster rebuilding and the impact of the built environment on art and literature as part of broader networks of interactions both in East Asia and the West.

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Illustration of a cityscape

360°: The Transforming Legacy of Oil

This 360° combines courses from Growth and Structure of Cities, Economics, and History to assess how oil has affected our built environment as well as local and global economies.

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Mural of pioneering women

360°: Changing Education

Changing Education, the first 360° offering at Bryn Mawr, is inspired by the College's 125th anniversary in 2010-11.

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Student taking a photo from a balcony

360°: Contemporary Cuban Culture and Society in a Global Context

This cluster brings together students and faculty to understand a country whose past and future are bound up deeply with the United States and the rest of Latin America even as it has charted very different courses within contemporary history and social policy.

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