Resource Management

Stormwater Management

Bryn Mawr College stormwater best management practices include pervious paving, rain gardens and ground water infiltration basins.


Lake Vickers

The College maintains an innovative pond structure that naturally improves stormwater quality and serves as an outdoor laboratory for wetlands ecology and environmental studies. This Lake is also used to manage the discharge rate during a storm.

Sustainability - Mill Creek

Mill Creek Restoration

The College restored Mill Creek to prevent erosion and flooding, and installed native grasses and greenery to bolster insect populations and increase urban pollution filtration.

Sustainability - Infiltration

Underground Infiltration

California drains and a robust infiltration system collect stormwater for recharge back into the water table, sequestering most stormwater on-site.

Ecology Research on Campus

Each year, students in Tom Mozdzer's ecology class conducts research on interactions between organisms and their environments right here on campus, studying limnology on Lake Vickers, stream ecology at Mill Creek, forest ecology in Morris Woods.


Food Waste Management

Dining Services is leading the charge in providing the most environmentally friendly dining program possible. Learn more.

Sustainability - Resource Management - Food Composting

Food Composting

Composting food waste on campus decreases CO2 emissions by 19.65 tons per month and reduced the trash pick up schedule to just three times a week.

Sustainability - Ozzi Container


Reusable OZZI containers are available from the dining halls for all students to use, which reduces waste and produces less trash.

Sustainability - Resource Management - Bottle Stations

Bottle-Filling Stations

Water bottle filling stations are installed across campus facilitate and encourage the use of reusable water bottles.

Additional Campus Efforts

Sustainability - Electronic Billing

Reduced Paper Consumption

We're committed to reducing paper usage through simple common sense actions, such as defaulting to double-sided printing and implementing electronic document management systems across campus.

Sustainability - Recycling

Recycling and Reuse

Our single-stream recycling program encourages recycling across campus and significantly reduces the College's overall trash production volume.

Sustainability - Resource Management - Leaf Composting

Grounds Composting

We compost all yard waste from the campus, including the use of composting bins at the student garden.

Single-Stream Recycling

Thanks to single stream recycling, you can recycle more of your waste! Because of new, better sorting methods, a mistake won’t ruin a whole batch, so when in doubt, recycle it.

Recycling Poster

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