Students work on tapestries representing sulfur dioxide emissions from coal-fired power plants

Sustainability Leadership Group

Our Mission 

Our mission is to galvanize a strong, supportive culture of sustainability and environmental stewardship amongst the members of the Bryn Mawr College community and to ensure the inclusion of environmental sustainability in the College’s decision-making processes

We strive to enable our students, staff and faculty to make meaningful contributions to Bryn Mawr College’s sustainability through interdisciplinary collaboration, community education and academic, extracurricular and professional opportunities.

Our committee meets regularly to support projects and events in the Tri-College Consortium, assess campus-wide progress, and periodically report to the president of the College.

Sustainability - Leadership Group

Who is the Sustainability Leadership Group (SLG)?

The Sustainability Leadership Group (SLG) was formed to direct the implementation of the Climate Action Plan and organize college-wide sustainability programs.

The SLG is made up of students, faculty and staff. The committee aims to make Bryn Mawr a more sustainable campus. SLG includes members representing stakeholders from across the campus including:

  • The Chief Administrator’s Office
  • The Dean's Office
  • The Controller's Office
  • Dining Services
  • Facilities
  • Faculty
  • Student Representatives from the SGA and environmental groups

With so many people collaborating, this group aims to bring about sustainable changes in each and every aspect of the College. The SLG strongly believes in implanting seedlings of sustainable practices in the minds of prospective Bryn Mawr students so they can deepen their roots when they are here and leave the College as an alumna strongly rooted in green beliefs and practices.

Since the inception of the Climate Action Plan in 2010, the SLG, with the support of the administration, encourages green activities in every aspect of College life including academics, resource management, energy, transportation, and grounds.

Interested in participating?

Community members interested in participating in the SLG should contact the Co-convenors of the SLG:
 - Director of Facilities, Nina Bisbee at
 - Associate Professor of Environmental Studies & Geology on the Harold
   F. Alderfer Professorship, Don Barber at 

Our student Sustainability coordinators are:
 - Ritzy Davidson at 
 - Suzanna Semaan at