Biology students, faculty, and staff work together to better understand the nature and significance of living systems.

The Department of Biology is an interactive community of undergraduates, faculty, and staff who work together to better understand the nature and significance of living systems

We share a common commitment both to biology as a scientific discipline and to the importance of biology in broader social and cultural contexts.

The Biology curriculum is designed to introduce students to unifying concepts and broad issues in biology, and to provide the opportunity for in-depth inquiry into topics of particular interest through coursework and independent research.

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Catherine Tsai '20

Catherine was able to get hands-on research experience in her sophomore year investigating differences in the gene expression of aphids.

photo of catherine in lab

Degree Options

Biology major, A.B.

Biology majors must complete a senior capstone, either senior lab research or a senior seminar, including a written and oral presentation

Biology minor

Special Programs

Teacher Certification

The College offers a secondary education teacher certification program for students interested in teaching.

4+1 Master of Engineering Program with the University of Pennsylvania

Students enrolled in this program may begin coursework towards their master’s degree at University of Pennsylvania as a Bryn Mawr undergraduate. After 5 years, they graduate with an A.B. in Biology from Bryn Mawr and a M.S. in Engineering from UPenn.


Summer Science Research

Summer Science Research is a 10-week program that supports students who are doing discovery-based research in the laboratory or field with Bryn Mawr faculty.