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Faculty Publication: Professors Alison Cook-Sather and Lela Aisha Jones

February 8, 2023

Co-creating Spaces for Full Selves: Student-Facilitated Pedagogy Circles for BIPOC Faculty

Author: Cook-Sather, Alison; Stewart, Kaylyn (Kayo); Ameyaa, Rhoda Akua; Jones, Lela Aisha

Source: The Journal of Faculty Development, Volume: 37, Issue: 1, pp. 69-71, 2023

Type of Publication: Journal Article

Abstract: In predominantly white institutions, BIPOC faculty experience the perpetual stressors of systemic inequity and imposter syndrome. COVID-19 added pandemic-induced traumatic stress. On top of both of these and out of care for all, but particularly BIPOC, students, female BIPOC faculty took on additional emotional labor during the pandemic. Acknowledging these realities, our teaching and learning institute created a new forum: “Pedagogy Circle for BIPOC Faculty.” Co-facilitated by two BIPOC student partners, this counter-space promotes wellbeing for participating faculty and student facilitators through inviting them to bring their full selves to a focus on presence, not only revisions of pedagogical practice.

Alison Cook-Sather is a professor of education and Lela Aisha Jones is an assistant professor and director of dance.