French's Julien Suaudeau Among Speakers at 'Night of Ideas'

May 26, 2022
Julien Suaudeau
Julien Suaudeau, lecturer in French and Francophone Studies

Julien Suaudeau, lecturer in French and Francophone Studies, was among the speakers at the latest Night of Ideas, presented by the Brooklyn Public Library and Villa Albertine.

Suaudeau was joined by Mame-Fatou Niang of Carnegie Mellon University. They offered a "Postcolonial Workshop" on updating universalism for the 21st century, the topic of the pair's co-authored book Universalisme.

Night of Ideas is a free late-night event series at the Brooklyn Public Library featuring top public intellectuals and performers from the U.S., France, and around the world. The series includes philosophical debates, music performances, screenings, readings, and more.  

French and Francophone Studies

Suaudeau is the coordinator of the non-intensive language sequence in French and the director of film studies. He is a filmmaker and the author of four novels: Dawa (2014), Le Français (2015), Ni le feu ni la foudre (2016), and Le Sang noir des hommes (2019). His fiction work focuses on contemporary France seen through the lenses of colonial and postcolonial history, immigration, laïcité, terrorism, and socioeconomic inequalities. His books explore the blind spots of the Great French Narrative, in search of repressed voices and counter-accounts.