Summer Digital Humanities and Data Science Courses Open to Bryn Mawr Students 

March 31, 2022

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Applications are due May 9, 2022

This summer, Liberal Arts Collaborative for Digital Innovation (LACOL), a consortium of ten liberal arts colleges, is offering two online courses open to Bryn Mawr College Students: 

  • Introduction to Data Science (June 8-Aug 5). This team-taught class is designed to introduce students to the concepts, theory, and practice of modern data science. Students will learn a range of skills for working with real-world data that apply to many fields of study, research, citizenship, and life. No prior data acumen or coding experience is required, but a foundation in algebra and calculus is strongly recommended.

  • Digital Humanities: Social Justice Collections and Liberal Arts Curricula (June 13-Aug 5). Through a unique collaboration between ten peer colleges, this course uses college archives and collections, and curricular data, as a multi-campus corpus to be interrogated as a basis for historically and socially relevant digital research. Students will apply different lenses – history, language, culture, religion, solo/ensemble works of art, “digital making” to formulate and address a research question through digital means.  

Both courses are fully online, team-taught, and involve substantial collaboration among faculty, students, and staff across multiple colleges in the consortium. They are intensive courses, covering the same content as a typical one-semester course in 8-9 weeks, using a mix of synchronous (scheduled, face-to-face) and asynchronous (discussion boards, video, etc.) platforms and assignments. Each culminates in a team project that requires you to integrate the skills and methodologies you learn over the term by applying them to a research question of your own design. 

Application Information 

Click the links above to visit the course websites and read the course syllabi, course requirements and other information carefully before you apply.

Some things to consider:  

  • At this time, Bryn Mawr College is not offering academic credit for these courses. The course and the grade you earn for it (translated into its Bryn Mawr College grading scale equivalent) will be listed on your transcript, but the grade will not factor into your overall GPA and the units will not count toward your distribution, major, minor, or graduation requirements.  

  • Note that these are intensive courses and require more time per week than a standard Bryn Mawr course. See course syllabi for exact estimates.

  • Attending several hours of face-to-face webinar meetings per week is required. Course designers plan to offer multiple, flexible meeting options to accommodate different schedules and time zones.  

  • You will need access to a computer and high-speed Internet for the entire course period. 

  • We anticipate that BMC applications will exceed this and that courses will be lotteried; if this happens, we will give rising seniors, then make selections randomly. 

  • To ensure as many Bryn Mawr College students as possible can participate:

    • You may apply to only ONE of the two courses. 

    • Apply only if you KNOW you can fully commit to the course. If you aren't certain, please don’t apply – you may be denying someone who can commit the opportunity to participate.  

If you have any questions about the course or whether it is right for you, please e-mail Jennifer Spohrer (jspohrer) for the data science course or José Vergara (jvergara) for the digital humanities course.  

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