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28 Things for the Class of 2028 to Look Forward to

From our Tour Guides to you
"Welcome home, Class of 2028!"

"Welcome home, Class of 2028!"

We’ve asked our Tour Guides to give us the inside scoop on 28 things you won't want to miss as part of the Class of 2028. From cozy study nooks to lively social spots, they're here to show you the ropes and make your campus experience unforgettable!


  1. Cherry Blossoms on campus 
  2. Getting your lantern
    Lantern Night
  3. New Dorm Magic Cookie Bars 
    magic cookie bars
  4. Hammocks on Senior Row 
  5. Meeting Athena 
  6. Living in a castle 
  7. Reading in Taft Garden 
  8. Themed dinners at Erdman
  9. Late night treats at Lusty Cup
  10. Laying in the sun on “Rhoads Beach” 
    students on rhoads beach
  11. The first warm day of spring on campus 
  12. Decorating your room 
    dorm room
  13. Finding your favorite study spot on campus
  14. Discovering a new favorite restaurant in Philly 
    students in philly
  15. Mastering public transportation
  16. Hanging out at the puzzle lab 
    Puzzle Lab
  17. Going to open swim at the gym
  18. Making friends on the Blue Bus
    students on blue bus
  19. Finding cool stuff in the dorm "free boxes"
  20. Going up the “Senior Steps” for the first time
    senior steps
  21. Starting your own club
  22. Sledding down “Rhoad’s Beach” in the winter 
  23. Finding hidden owls on campus
    hidden owl
  24. Seeing snow on campus for the first time
    snow on campus
  25. Soft serve in New Dorm
  26. Tater Tots at Uncommon Grounds  
  27. May Day
    May Day
  28. Meeting your best friends 


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