History Projects and Resources

Bryn Mawr’s students, faculty, staff, and administrators have long been engaged in exploring the College’s histories and legacies. Since the 2010 publishing of "Offerings to Athena," the College history compendium edited by Anne Bruder, the College has increasingly formalized its support of various ways to share its rich histories—from the Black at Bryn Mawr tour, to numerous digital and physical exhibits, to HIST 268 Telling Bryn Mawr Histories, a Praxis course that leads students through research in the College Archives.

Who Built Bryn Mawr? Black at Bryn Mawr Tour Get Involved

Bryn Mawr Histories Resources

The College continues to improve access to the resources, training, and funding necessary to build more inclusive accounts of our legacies in order to more fully understand our past and our present. All are invited to explore existing resources in honor of past work and to encourage future projects.  

Bryn Mawr History Opportunities

Bryn Mawr College has many formal and informal opportunities to engage in projects that explore our history. 

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