Staff Hourly Time Reporting

Updated as of January 21, 2021

Per Kim’s communication on December 14, 2020, staff hired and active prior to January 1, 2021 may take an additional day of vacation in 2021.  Similar to regular vacation, this extra day will be calculated in the payroll system and added to your regular vacation balance over the course of the year. 

Full-time staff will accrue 1/12th of the extra day in the first pay of each month.

Part-time staff will accrue a fraction of the extra day in each pay based on hours worked.  For 2021, the regular vacation formulas will be replaced with the following…

Service less than 3 years:   0.042308 of vacation day per hour paid
Service of 3 to 4 years:        0.061538 of vacation day per hour paid
Service of 4 or more years:  0.080769 of vacation day per hour paid

Updated as of May 19, 2020

Essential staff who are still reporting to work on-campus, as well as staff who are working remotely, will report all actual hours worked.

Many staff are unable to work fully or partially during the COVID-19 crisis.  Staff have been provided with the equivalent of five weeks of additional time specific to the COVID-19 crisis.  This additional time can be reported as either “sick” or “sick-other” time on the time sheet.  The distinction really is not important; in all cases you can just classify it as “sick”.  However, if you want to clarify that you are using this time off to care for someone else, then “sick-other” is also fine.

During the COVID-19 crisis, the College is using an expanded definition of sick time that covers many reasons that an employee cannot work.  This includes any classification in a high risk category due to age or underlying health conditions, or due to a family member who resides in the same household as the employee who has such risk factors.  It includes any family obligation related to COVID-19, including childcare concerns related to the state-mandated closure of daycare centers and schools.  It also includes time when the employee has been ordered not to work, in order to comply with Governor Wolf’s directive that only essential (life-sustaining) services be provided.   Finally, it includes any period of time when an employee who is working remotely cannot perform work during all regularly scheduled hours.

The 5 weeks (25 days) of additional time can be used starting on March 13, 2020, the first day that schools in Montgomery county were ordered to be closed by the Governor.  Fifteen days of this additional time can be used between March 13 and May 14, 2020; the remaining ten days must be used by August 1, 2020.  With the exception of these ten days, once you have used all of the 25 days, further sick time utilization must be based on the qualifications as indicated in the Sick Leave Policy within the Staff Handbook.

The 5 weeks of additional sick time will not carryover.  Staff will be permitted to run a negative sick leave amount equivalent to up to 5 weeks.  A full-time employee who is scheduled to work 35 hours per week will be permitted to have a sick leave balance of up to negative 175 hours.  A full-time employee who is scheduled to work 40 hours per week will be permitted to have a balance of up to negative 200 hours.  Part-time employees who accrue entitlements based on the actual time submitted will receive 5 weeks of additional sick time based on their regularly scheduled workload during the spring 2020 semester.  The balance is indicated in the lower left-hand corner of the paystub.

Sick time associated with COVID-19 will be reconciled after the crisis is over.  Any sick time used during this period, up to the 5-week allotment, will be added to the balance tally.   For example, If an employee used 100 hours of sick time during the crisis and had a balance of 250 hours that dropped to 150 hours, that person’s balance will be restored to 250 hours.

Staff may elect to use available vacation and personal time if sick time has been exhausted or in lieu of sick time.