The Alumnae Association Executive Board acts in an advisory capacity to the College, the Association and its Executive Director, serving as a strategic resource to provide an outside perspective and voice of alumnae/i, contributing strategic skills, and identifying contacts and relationships to provide opportunities and enhance the curricular and extracurricular life of the College. Board members serve as ambassadors of the Alumnae Association, attending alumnae/i events whenever possible and helping coordinate programs and activities with other members of the College community.

Members of the 2014-15 Alumnae Association Executive Board are:

  • Eileen P. Kavanagh ’75, President
  • Laurie Saroff  ’90, Vice President
  • Jennifer Sawyer Fisher ’90, Secretary
  • Chris S. Nevill ’97, Treasurer
  • Trisha Hall ’98, Chair, Bryn Mawr Fund
  • Robyn Ruffer Nelson ’90, Chair, Committee on Leadership Development
  • Reed Abelson ’83, Representative, Alumnae Communications
  • Moira Forbes ’94, Representative, Careers
  • Sabrina DeTurk, M.A. ’96, Ph.D. ’98, Representative, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
  • Jacqueline M. Griffith, M.S.S. ’81, Representative, Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research
  • Jennifer Jobrack ’89, Representative, Clubs & Affinity Groups
  • Deborah Diamond ’85, Representative, At Large
  • Catharyn Alva Turner, M.D. ’91, Representative, At Large
  • Erica Seaborne '09, Representative, At Large