Posted September 26th, 2018
In this mini-intensive students developed competencies needed to critically, responsibly, and effectively work with data and also met alums and other professionals about how data relates to their work
person using write-on-screen technology
Posted September 5th, 2018
Educational Technology Services is available for consultation on everything from setting up your Moodle class to redesigning your syllabus around a digital project!
 LITS’s Educational Technology Services interns
Posted August 23rd, 2018
Each summer, we sponsor several interns to work closely with LITS’s Educational Technology Services.
audience at a conference
Posted June 6th, 2018
Thank you to all those who attended the Blended Learning Conference 2018!
terracotta army warrior with group of students
Posted April 25th, 2018
Last spring, we've gotten to go into a different realm of educational technology: augmented and virtual reality course development.
Posted April 17th, 2018
Faculty from several liberal arts colleges developed blended, “just-in-time” approach to helping students identify and review fundamental math skills they needed to succeed in intro math and science.
workshop for "writing on screen"
Posted February 14th, 2018
Bryn Mawr's Educational Technology Services hosted a workshop for faculty and staff focused on tech solutions for "writing on screen".