Creative Writing News

Director of Creative Writing Daniel Torday
Posted April 2nd, 2019
The course explores the craft of writing for audio sources by focusing on the skills, processes, and techniques necessary to the generation and production of radio and podcast pieces.
Book Cover
Posted November 26th, 2018
Daniel Torday takes on identity politics, the new generation gap, and more.
Daniel Torday
Posted August 20th, 2018
Torday, Associate Professor and Director of Creative Writing at Bryn Mawr College (on leave 2018-2019), is author of the forthcoming novel "Boomer1."
Sanam Sheriff
Posted May 14th, 2018
Sanam Sheriff '18 will travel the world through The Thomas J. Watson Fellowship, which is awarded to students of “unusual promise” for 12 months of independent international travel.
Airea Matthews
Posted December 14th, 2017
Matthews was featured for her collection "Simulacra" from Yale University Press. She will be teaching "Intro to Creative Writing" and "Writing Poetry II" in the spring.
Author Jill Lepore on campus.
Posted October 31st, 2017
Jill Lepore offered plenty of insight into her writing approach and career when she visited Bryn Mawr College on Oct. 26, 2017, in her appearance as the 2017 Emily Balch Speaker.
Dan Torday
Posted September 28th, 2017
Torday's "Nate Gertzman Draws the Internet" made the list of Distinguished Stories in the 2017 edition of "The Best American Short Stories."
Posted June 8th, 2017
Allegra's piece is an essay called "Maze of the Giant Heart."
Posted April 6th, 2017
Torday's "The Last Flight of Poxl West" has already won the 2015 National Jewish Book Award for fiction.
Posted December 8th, 2016
Every year, Bryn Mawr awards its Academy of American Poets Prize to an undergraduate student. Kawam’s work won the award in 2016.