Grading Courses in BiONiC

Senior Major/Minor Review

Final Grade Due Dates

Final Grade due dates will be posted each semester by the Registrar's Office.

  • Quarter 1 Classes: Grades due two weeks after the end of the first Quarter
  • Quarter 2 Classes: Grades due the same time as semester grades
  • Semester Classes: In the Spring semester, senior grades are due on the Monday the week of Commencement at noon. All other student grades are due a week after Commencement.

How to Grade

Please contact the Registrar's Office if you need assistance with grading.

  1. Log on to BiONiC. Follow a BiONiC link or go to 
  2. Click on the Faculty Center tile from the Bionic Landing Page.
    Faculty Center Tile

      From the table of your courses, select the class you want to grade and click on the grade roster icon.


grade roster icon

  1. Grade Roster Icon

    Don't use the grade roster tab.

    Note: If your grade roster is missing or has no students, please call the Registrar's Office for assistance.
  2. Enter your grades and save your work. Select the appropriate grade for each student (numeric for grades on a 4.0 scale for undergraduates, S/U for graduates) from the drop down menu. Click the Save button.

If you have talked with the student and the student's Dean, and are allowing an incomplete, grade it as (UI) and notify the student's Dean. After the Dean's submits the extension approval form with a new work deadline, the grade is changed to an I (Incomplete).  

Reminder: Do not change approval status from "Not Reviewed."

  1. Record your Entries. Make a record of your work by either saving it to Excel using the download icon 
    or by printing a copy for your records using the Printer Friendly Version button.
  2. Log Out. After you have graded your courses, remember to log out of the system to protect your privacy when you are finished. Click “Sign out” on the blue menu bar in the upper right hand corner.

(Download PDF of Instructions)

Adding Senior Grades

Add grades for seniors to your grade roster using the "How to Grade" instructions above. Save the roster, leaving other student's grades blank. You can enter them later. Any grades entered at the same time as senior grades are posted and considered final grades. Grade change forms will be required to change a posted grade.

Grade Changes

Occasionally a grade miscalculation occurs or other extenuating circumstances which warrant a grade change. Finals grades may be changed within one year of posting with the submission of the grade change form. Once we have received the change of grade form, we can change the posted grade.


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