Using the Star Lottery

Faculty who wish to complete their own lottery can submit their results through Star Lottery.

The Registrar's Office is happy to run your lottery for you using the criteria advertised to students during preregistration. If, however, you wish to complete this process yourself, you can submit your results using STAR Lottery.

Lottery rosters are available in the Faculty Center in BiONiC. After preregistration, you will be notified if your course is over-enrolled. If you wish to run your class lottery yourself, You may select specific students as waitlisted or dropped from the class and also assign waitlist positions, which will later help determine which students will have priority adding the class should spaces open. Students who are not marked with one of these designations will retain their enrollment in the class.

Lottery Star Rosters Using BiONiC

1. Login: Type in your User ID and your College password.

2. From your homepage, click on the Faculty Center tile. From the table of your courses, select a class and click on the star icon. You will see a list of all students registered for your class.

3. Mark dropped and waitlisted students. Select the appropriate status: dropped or waitlisted for those students from the drop down menu. Assign waitlist positions (1 is first) to those students who will be on your waitlist. Click the Apply button. After you have assigned lottery positions for your courses, click the "OK" button to close the window.  

If you need additional help with lotteries, you may contact Lea at


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