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Campus Bryn Mawr
Semester Spring 2022
Registration ID HARTB248001
Course Title Topics in Museum Studies-Museums, Monuments & Memory
Credit 1.00
Department History of Art
Instructor Scott,Monique Renee
Time and Days W 02:10pm-04:00pm
Additional Course Info Class Number: 2397 This is a topics course. Course content varies.; Current topic description: Like the “Museum”, the “Monument” is often seen as a weighty construction of civic and national power, one that concretizes existing power structures by elevating certain figures and histories while alienating others. This course will investigate both how national and civic monuments represent embedded statements of power and explore how new forms of monuments can be mobilized to elevate subaltern notions of community and offer iconoclastic narratives of history. In addition, the course will explore Bryn Mawr College’s collaboration with Monument Lab—a public art and history think tank based in Philadelphia— which will lead to a campus art installation that reimagines Bryn Mawr's history. Students will gain perspective on the artistic, historical, theoretical, and practical approaches to public memory and public history as well as engage in hands-on work on the BMC Monument Lab project. Approach: Cross-Cultural Analysis (CC); Enrollment Cap: 15. f the course exceeds the enrollment cap the following criteria will be used for the lottery: No first years
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