360° Program: Snapshots from the Field

Oct 28
1:30pm - 2:30pm
On Campus Event - Registration Required, Register at the Information Desk
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Interdisciplinary and interactive, 360° builds on Bryn Mawr's strong institutional history of learning experiences beyond the traditional classroom, placed within a rigorous academic framework. 360° participants hone their arguments and insights through writing and research, develop strategies for teamwork that push the limits of their talents and creativity, and work with professors and scholars to promote big-picture thinking. Students participate in a cluster of multiple courses in a single semester to focus on common problems, themes, and experiences for the purposes of research and scholarship. Join participants from this semester’s 360° to learn more about their deep dives on these interdisciplinary topics and their experiences beyond the classroom.

  • Students and faculty from Energy Afterlives are examining the afterlives of coal, oil, and nuclear energy through the lenses of the arts, political science, and earth science, and will have just returned from field work in Southeast Alaska.
  • Transplants explores the ways plants and people shaped one another in the Old World and New Worlds across millennia. Students and faculty in this 3-course cluster (Biology, Comparative Literature, and French and Francophone Studies) are building field notes skills, exploring graphic narratives, and diving into shared universes by exploring how connections between worlds were established, refracted, and changed over the course of their histories.
  • Nicaragua: Places and Names (Geology, Linguistics) focuses on the rich geologic and linguistic history and present of Nicaragua to explore the ongoing interconnectedness between landscape and language. Ask students and faculty about their indigenous language study during their visits to significant geologic sites in Ometepe, Nicaragua.
Audience: Public
Type(s): Special or Campuswide Event
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