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Archaeology Lecture Series Presents Professor Andreas Schachner

Feb 12
12:30pm - 2:00pm
100% Virtual Event, Zoom

The Department of Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology and The University of Pennsylvania present "Hattuša through the Ages. New Research on the Development of the Hittite, Iron Age and Roman Settlements at Boğazköy" by Dr. Andreas Schachner.

In the 2nd millennium BC, despite geographical obstacles, the Hittites succeeded in establishing the only supra-regional empire with its center in Central Anatolia, which was one of the major political players in the competition of the great empires of the Late Bronze Age in the Eastern Mediterranean. Even though the urban settlement of Boğazköy is several centuries older than the foundation of the Hittite dynasty, its development reflects essential characteristics of the Hittite state. I would like to present these by means of a virtual tour of the city, thus demonstrating its unique position not only in Anatolia but also in comparison with other regions of western Asia. In a second, slightly shorter part, I will introduce a short summary of how the story continued in the Iron Ages, the Hellenistic-galatian times, and the Roman Imperial Period.


Audience: BMC Community
Type(s): Lecture
Archaeology Department

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