Bi-Co Math Colloquium with Spence Lunderman

Mar 20
4:00pm - 5:00pm
Off-Campus Event, Haverford College, Hilles 109

Spence Lunderman, Senior Applied Scientist, Airspace, will give a talk titled, "One Company's Solution to a Common Logistics Problem: A Story of Machine Learning and Mathematics."

Abstract: Machine Learning (ML) models can be found in every industry and are often integral components of large companies and new start-ups. ML models, however, are often a single piece of the puzzle when creating a valuable quantitative solution, and any solution will always require hands-on critical thinking and problem solving. At Airspace Technologies, a time-critical shipping company (think organ transplants), ML models run the show. In this talk I will present a problem in logistics routing (one that is unknowingly solved for you regularly), the role ML plays and its limitations, and how my mathematics background led me to the solution.


Audience: BMC Community
Type(s): Seminar/Colloquium
Tina Fasbinder

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