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Center for Visual Culture Colloquium with Monica Huerta

Nov 17
12:30pm - 2:00pm
100% Virtual Event, via Zoom and Old Library Room 224.

Join us for a presentation on "Whats in a Face?" by Monica Huerta, assistant professor of English and American studies, Princeton University.

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This talk is drawn from a larger research project in progress, Face Poetics. The larger project will reach back into the long, multi-disciplinary history of studying how to read faces to theorize the ethical quandaries of facial recognition technologies in the present moment and in light of current struggles against their use and implementation. The larger project’s goal is to theorize what humanistic visual inquiry and analysis can contribute to conversations at the cross roads of critical race and science and technologies studies, which tend to center political and sociological questions (for some important reasons). “What’s in a Face” will give an overview of larger scope of the project, while zeroing in on some of the problems for humanistic ways of knowing presented by the question of how twenty-first century power works when it interfaces with algorithmic knowledges.


Center for Visual Culture

Audience: Public
Type(s): Seminar/Colloquium
Lisa Kolonay

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