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Collaboration in Progress Lunch Presentation

Nov 29
11:30am - 12:30pm
On Campus Event - Wyndham, Main Dining Room

Frequently called the "Russian Finnegans Wake," Sasha Sokolov's 1980 novel Between Dog and Wolf took 30 years to appear in English and remains a challenge for readers in any language.

The Encyclopedia of the Dog offers a complete and freely accessible bilingual digital edition as well as multiple kinds of annotations to help readers grasp the various meanings, allusions, and layers of the novel. At this launch, project members will discuss the Encyclopedia's creation, their collaboration, and future plans.  

Presenters: Cameron Boucher, educational and scholarly technology assistant, BMC; Alice McGrath, senior digital scholarship specialist, BMC; Martina Napolitano, researcher in Slavid Studies, University of Trieste; Angelina Rogatch, undergraduate student, BMC; and José Vergara, assistant professor of Russian, BMC.  


Audience: For Faculty and Staff
Type(s): Discussion
Betsy Cancelliere

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