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The Department of French and Francophone Studies Presents Anne Duprat

Feb 20
4:30pm - 6:00pm
On Campus Event - Old Library, Room 224

Join us for a lecture by Anne Duprat, Université de Picardie, on "Captivity Narratives and the Idea of Liberty."

Abstract: For almost two centuries (1550-1750), many Europeans were held captive by the “Barbary pirates.” Torn from their homeland, they spent time immersed in the world of the other, in the Muslim privateering cities of the North African coast. Their stories show the other side of the colonial conquest. They also help us to understand the relationship between these accounts of authentic experience and fiction: the adventure of the hero/heroin’s captivity at the hands of his enemy. Both contribute to the constant redefinition of what freedom is and for whom.

Co-sponsored by the 360 Program, the Comparative Literature Program, the History Department, MECANA, and the Political Science Department. 

Audience: BMC Community
Type(s): Lecture
Rudy Le Menthéour

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