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Drupal Drop-Ins: Syndicating Stories

Feb 18
1:00pm - 2:00pm
100% Virtual Event
Drupal DropIns

Attention Drupal Users!

This academic year, College Communications and Web Services are partnering up to bring you Drupal Drop-Ins… and a way to earn FREE LUNCH!

Earn a free lunch with the College Communications and Web Services teams by attending the greatest number of Drupal Drop-Ins this year (attending ALL will ensure that you’re a winner!). We’re holding one Drupal Drop-In each month throughout the year, and each session covers a different feature that you can use to help take the Bryn Mawr website to the next level. Learn more below about our February session topic – Syndicating Stories! 

Join us for this exciting and entertaining session, where we’ll review some real-world examples of great Syndicating Stories usage and go over best practices that will transform the way your web visitors use and understand your information. This session includes a review of Syndicating Stories, a chance to ask Syndicating Stories questions, and an open forum to ask us ANY QUESTION AT ALL!

Ready to join in on the fun?


Audience: BMC Community
Type(s): Informational Event/Presentation
Andrea Kaldrovics

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