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A Lecture by Rubina Salikuddin

Nov 29
4:30pm - 6:00pm
On Campus Event - Old Library, Room 110 and via Zoom.

Please join us for a presentation on "Ritual, Memory, and the Cult of Saints: Negotiating the Sacred in 15th-Century Iran and Central Asia."

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Fifteenth-century Iran and Central Asia was a place of changing political, religious, and social norms. Much scholarship has been focused on the top-down production of these norms through the patronage of architecture and elite scholarship. Through a study of various hagiographical texts and of shrine spaces, this talk will instead demonstrate how both elite and popular segments of society engaged in a discursive construction of the sacred.

Rubina Salikuddin is a CFD Postdoctoral Fellow in the Program in Middle Eastern Studies.

Middle Eastern Studies

Audience: Public
Type(s): Lecture
Lisa Kolonay

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