Well Week: The Benefits of Affinity Housing ECC Panel and Community Open Mic

Mar 21
7:00pm - 8:30pm
On Campus Event - Old Library, Room 110

Affinity housing is a method of intentional community building on college campuses for students with a shared identity. One of the benefits of affinity housing is that students who participate join a learning community where hall neighbors are the teachers. No group is a monolith and affinity housing provides a safe place to share one’s culture while also learning from others. The Enid Cook ‘31 Center (ECC) is an example of affinity housing, serving Black and Latinx students.

Join us for a panel hosted by ECC resident, Jean Rojas ‘26, featuring ECC community leaders on the intercultural engagement they see as an invaluable aspect of their living learning experience. After, audience members will be invited up open mic style, to share something from their culture that they wish more people knew about.

Wellness Week

Pensby Center

Audience: BMC Community
Type(s): Teach-in

Bryn Mawr College welcomes the full participation of all individuals in all aspects of campus life. Should you wish to request a disability-related accommodation for this event, please contact the event sponsor/coordinator. Requests should be made as early as possible.