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What's Wrong with Modern Work? The Hunter-Gatherer Perspective

Feb 13
4:00pm - 5:30pm
On Campus Event - Dalton, Room 300

Dr. Vivek Venkataraman, assistant professor of Anthropology & Archaeology (University of Calgary) will present the public lecture, "What’s Wrong with Modern Work? The Hunter-Gatherer Perspective How did humans work and rest in the Palaeolithic?"

About the lecture
Ever since anthropologist Marshall Sahlins popularized the idea of The Original Affluent Society, it has been widely assumed that ancient people lived lives of leisure, working no more than 15 hours per week. New research in anthropology shows the story is more complex. In this talk, I offer a critical re-assessment of original affluence and explore what the lives of hunter-gatherers today can tell us about what has gone wrong with modern work.

Co-sponsored by Origins of Freedom - 360 Program, Anthropology, Biology, Environmental Studies, Center for Social Sciences, and the 1902 Fund.

Audience: Public
Type(s): Lecture
Casey Barrier

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