Additional Support and Services

The Alumnae Association will provide the following services:

Maintain a Club President’s Listserv

Incoming presidents are automatically added to the listserv by the Alumnae Association staff. The address for the club president's listserv is

Provide lists of alumnae/i and current students

Send electronic lists, in various formats, to club leaders for the purpose of conducting club/group business. Requests for club lists or labels are made to

Provide updates to alumnae/i and student lists

Send address change reports to club presidents four times a year (spring, winter, fall and summer) relaying address updates. These reports will include information on alumnae/i who have moved into the club area and alumnae/i within your club area who have changed their address.

Provide demographic information

An annual report to each club leader with the club’s demographics (e.g., number of alumnae in community, ages, professional fields, life stages, etc.) This information is helpful with planning relevant programs.

Event registration and advertisement

We will electronically broadcast, nationally, a club’s calendar of events and a link to an online registration and payment (when applicable) form. RSVP replies are sent to event planners automatically when guests register for an event.

Hosting a club’s website

Host a club website on the College’s server or put a link to the club’s website on the Alumnae Association's homepage.

Career Development and GOLD programs

Host career development (facilitated by the Association’s Director of Alumnae Career Programming) and GOLD programming (in collaboration with the College’s GOLD coordinator) and arrange for a faculty/administrator visit via the Faculty Speaker Program.

Clubs that serve 75-100 alumnae/i are eligible for one of the above-mentioned programs annually; clubs that serve 100-600 alumnae/i are eligible for up to two of the above-mentioned programs annually; clubs that serve more than 600 alumnae/i are eligible for up to four of the above-mentioned programs annually.

Online surveys

Help clubs create online surveys to area alumnae/i


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