Club or Regional Group: Which is Right for My Group?

Types of Clubs 

The Alumnae Relations and Development Office (ARD) has established three types of clubs for engaging alumnae/i regionally: Tier One Clubs, Tier Two Clubs, and Tier Three Clubs. Each model has a different set of expectation in its structure and activities. Remember to consider the level of resources (volunteers, time, money, energy) within your group as you are determining the type of club that is the best fit for you. You can always exceed the required programming, but don’t over-extend at the start!


Type of Club Programs
Tier One Club 6-plus programs annually
Tier Two Club 2-5 programs annually
Tier Three Club 1 program annually

All Clubs:

  • Communicate with the entire Club membership at least once a year
  • Submit summaries of event participants and event outcomes to the ARD Office
  • File end-of-year reports with the ARD Office
  • Participate in Alumnae Volunteer Summit (club leadership)
  • May choose to implement a dues structure to support Club programming

Regional Groups and Ambassadors

Regional groups are organized by alumnae/i who live in a geographic area with fewer than 50 alumnae/i that do not have a club. Regional groups gather for occasional events, like a faculty speaker event, or an informal coffee. ARD staff provides the names of alumnae/i living in a geographic area for those who are interested in Regional Group activities. Alumnae/i who organize Regional Groups are called Alumnae Ambassadors.  

Clubs with wide geographic boundaries and alumnae/i who are spread throughout the boundaries may also identify Ambassadors to facilitate engagement opportunities for a specific area within the club’s boundaries.

All Regional Groups:

  • Engage alumnae/i occasionally
  • Submit a summary of event participants and outcomes to ARD staff
  • Are not required to file end-of-year reports with ARD staff
  • Are welcome to participate in Alumnae Volunteer Summit 
  • Do not collect dues (events are self-funded)

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