Organizing a Bryn Mawr Club or Regional Group

Any alumna/us interested in starting or growing a club should email to discuss the feasibility of the new group.

The following steps are recommended:

  • Contact Alumnae/i Relations and Development (ARD) staff for a list of alumnae/i in the geographic area.
  • Recruit a core organizing group (three to 10 alumnae/i) to talk about what alumnae/i needs could be met by the club, what kind of activities you'd like to host, and what goals you have for the group.
  • Determine which type of club will work best for your area (see the Type of Clubs section of this Handbook). Consider the group’s resources (e.g., volunteers, time, money, energy), when selecting a specific type. Remember, you can always exceed the required programming, but don’t over-extend at the start! 
  • In consultation with the ARD staff decide on the club’s name (names that specifically identify a geographic region or city work well in helping alumnae/i identify the club that is most proximate to them).
  • Plan your first event; the ARD staff will help publicize the event through Alumnae/i Connections.
  • Provide feedback to the ARD Office following your first meeting or event. 

Contact Us

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