Regional Ambassadors

The Ambassador Program is an informal program designed to provide opportunities for alumnae engagement in areas where a regional club does not exist. Ambassadors are selected by the Alumnae Association and are asked to plan at least one gathering per year. See below for more details and to determine if the ambassador program is right for your area. For further information, contact Cynthia Washington, Associate Director of Regional Alumnae Engagement at or 610-526-5233.

Selection Criteria

  • Has initiated interest in the College, and has supported the mission and goals of the College, as exhibited by one or more of the following:
    • has been a positive advocate for the College both within the alumnae community and in the broader community
    • attended regional events, class reunion, and/or College hosted programs          
    • is/was a volunteer for Bryn Mawr
    • has made consistent charitable donations to the College
  • Lives in a geographical area where at least 50 College alumnae reside and that, at the discretion of the Alumnae Association Executive Board, would benefit by implementing the ambassador model or transitioning from a local club model to the ambassador model.
  • Lives in a geographical area where at least 50 College alumnae reside and where there is no active local club recorded with the Alumnae Association.
  • Is willing to act as a contact between the College and alumnae in the aforementioned geographical area.
  • Will initiate alumnae outreach (but not necessarily be responsible for doing all of the work) including asking other alumnae in the community to organize or host an event.
  • Understands this is not a structured program, thus the volunteers will be fluid and the outreach from the College will be limited.


  • Organize, or enlist other alumnae to organize, at least one event per year for current alumnae in the geographic area. (This event may also be open to current students and their families.)
  • Be a point of contact in the community for the Alumnae Association and the College.
  • When possible, participate in semiannual phone calls with other Ambassadors.
  • When possible, contact alumnae that are new to the community, welcoming them with a phone call, email, coffee date, etc.  
  • Help the College identify other alumnae who can be called upon for regional or national volunteer positions and for other volunteer activities (such as career panels at the College)

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