For Prospective Students

At Bryn Mawr, we work closely with our Breaking Barriers scholars to ensure that they are provided with the proper support and resources based on their personal, academic, and professional interests.

May of High School Senior Year

Believe it or not, our process in supporting incoming FGLI and undocumented+ students begins as soon as you register with Breaking Barriers! By mid-May of your high school senior year, eligible students for our Breaking Barriers program will receive a welcome letter and invitation to apply from Leslie Castrejon, Assistant Dean for Student Support & Belonging. Dean Castrejon directs the Breaking Barriers program and serves as the primary contact for Undocumented, DACA and TPS students. Admitted first-generation, limited-income, and undocumented+ students who commit to Bryn Mawr are highly encouraged to register!

Image of Deans Nixon and Heyduk putting together welcome care packages for incoming Breaking Barriers students
Dean Nixon and Dean Heyduk helping put together Welcome Care Packages for our incoming Breaking Barriers scholars!

The Summer Before College

All students who register with Breaking Barriers will be asked to schedule a Welcome Check-In with Dean Leslie over zoom or on the phone. The welcome check-in is a great way for Dean Leslie to get to know you, your interests and answer any questions or concerns you may have as you prepare to come to Bryn Mawr. Forms of support include reviewing your financial aid award to ensure that you are receiving 100% of demonstrated need, gaining early access to our Dorm Supply Reserve (helps cut back on the number of items to purchase for your dorm room!), and more.

Over the summer, incoming students are invited to join Dean Leslie and our Breaking Barriers Student Coordinators for our July Hangouts! The hangouts take place each Wednesday for 1 hour and 30 minutes, we have a guest speaker present on the resources and support available through their office/department for the first hour. The last 30 minutes is facilitated by our student coordinators for socializing with peers and asking any questions about college life!

Dorm Essentials Request Sign Up – Every spring, we have current students donate gently used dorm materials (ex. Desk lamps, laundry baskets, bed sheets, etc.) to be offered to incoming and current students. This has been a huge relief and money saver for our students, especially those traveling by plane or other methods of public transportation. Items are thoroughly washed and stored in sealed vacuum storage bags. Students registered with Breaking Barriers will receive an email over the summer with more information.

Academic Year

Image of students studying at Lusty Cup
Breaking Barriers Scholars at our Study Night event at Lusty Cup

For many, this will be their first time away from home for a significant period and/or residing in an environment completely different from their own. It takes time for everyone to establish a new daily routine, familiarize themselves with their surroundings and find community with others. Knowing this, both Dean Leslie and your assigned Advising Dean will reach out to check-in, see how you are doing, get you connected to groups or opportunities that you may not have had a chance to learn about, and more. All students are assigned an Advising Dean who supports them in crafting an academic plan and serve as a resource. Through her role, Dean Leslie serves as an additional resource and support person for undocumented+, first-generation and students coming from limited-income backgrounds.

Moreover, Breaking Barriers scholars are welcome to attend our social events and workshops throughout the year hosted by our student coordinators! Our Breaking Barriers Student Coordinators are students in their sophomore, junior or senior year and are dedicated to serving as a resource, mentor and guide through the college experience for our Breaking Barriers community.

Once a student has declared a major, Dean Leslie will continue to work closely with the student, their Advising Dean, and Academic Major Advisor to ensure the student’s academic and professional success and personal well-being. Scholars are also encouraged to reference our Breaking Barriers Moodle page which lists resources and information to support services available on-campus.

Image of a hallway with bookshelves lining up both sides. There is also a staircase leading downstairs that is at the front and center of the image
Our Graduate School Adulting 101 Workshop offered spring 2023.

Internships & Opportunities

A huge part of the college experience includes finding and applying for internships, fellowships and opportunities that enhance one’s academic interests and professional development. Throughout your time at Bryn Mawr, we encourage you to work closely with your Advising Dean, Academic Major Advisor and Dean Leslie to serve as your support network.

As a Bryn Mawr student, you will have access to the offerings provided through the Career & Civic Engagement Center including academic and professional development workshops, conferences and more. Moreover, additional academic and travel opportunities are available through academic departments and the Global Bryn Mawr office.

Meanwhile, through Breaking Barriers, we offer our Adulting 101 Workshop series which focuses on going over how to navigate important milestones each of us experience as we become older such as understanding health insurance, credit scores and credit cards, job benefits and more.