Committees & Directories

Steering Committee

Our committee is composed of faculty and staff who are dedicated to creating and providing resources to supporting FGLI students at Bryn Mawr.


Leslie Castrejon'15 (she/her)

Assistant Dean for Student Support and Belonging
Convener of the Breaking Barriers Steering Committee

I identified as a FGLI student during my time at Bryn Mawr and come from a mixed status family. Looking back, I remember the times I encountered obstacles that I couldn’t talk about with anyone let alone didn’t think was something Bryn Mawr could support me with even when it held a direct impact on my academics and college experience. I am excited to be part of this committee to provide a meaningful experience for students!

Something not many people know about me is...I once scaled down a 30-ft dam!

Phone: 610-526-6588

Vanessa Christman (she/her)

Assistant Dean for Access and Community Development, The Pensby Center

When I arrived at my undergraduate college in 1979, I found it both magical and full of secrets. What is a syllabus? What is a Dean? Why do some students look so glamorous and carefree? How will I fit in work-study, in addition to classes and extra-curriculars? I wish we'd had a term for — or  even an acknowledgement of--students who were low-income and/or first in their families to attend college. But I was left to sort out everything on my own. I'm hoping my work, the Committee's planning and the BMC FGLI program will provide some of the answers and community I didn't have for today's FGLI students.

Something not many people know about me is ... I love to dance!

Phone: 610-526-6594

Charles Heyduk (he/him)

Associate Dean, Deans Office

As a first generation college student from a working class background myself, oldest of seven siblings and long term staff member at Bryn Mawr, I know FGLI students appreciate advice, mentoring and support.

Something not many people know about me is...I changed my major TWICE.

Phone: 610-526-5375

Reggie Jones (she/her)

Associate Dean of Health and Wellness

Having been a FGLI student myself when I attended college, I wished there had been programming and support specifically to help FGLI students acclimate and thrive at a PWI. I want to collaborate with colleagues across campus to provide support for BMC FGLI students on macro and micro levels.

Something not many people know about me is...I love to pull weeds in the yard. It's one of the ways I clear my head and destress.


Dawn-Stacey Joyner (any pronoun)

Quantitative Seminar Instructor, Q Project

I also identify as FGLI which is why I am interested in working with the FGLI student community.

Something not many people know about me is...I played rugby.


Emilie Leather

Assistant Director of Financial Aid

I had a difficult time managing the finances of going to college and finding support to navigate the financial aid process. This experience encouraged me to become a resource for students. I am grateful to be able to listen, advise, support Bryn Mawr students through my roles in Financial Aid and FGLI during their time at Bryn Mawr.

Something not many people know about me is...I have a corgi named Reese.

Phone: 610-526-5269

Tonja Nixon (she/her & they/them)

Assistant Dean, Deans Office and Assistant Coach, Track & Field

I'm interested in working with the FGLI student population because of my own experience as a FGLI student at Bryn Mawr. I had to learn how to navigate a lot of things on my own as the first in my immediate family to attend college and coming from a low-income family. It was a vital area of being an adult that no one was able to prepare me for, give me advice around, or concretely support me in. For all of those reasons, I want to be able to fill those gaps for the FGLI students coming through Bryn Mawr behind me.

Something not many people know about me is...I'm an introvert. Over the years, I've mastered having extroverted moments, and I have my days where I am more of an ambivert, but I very much enjoy my alone time where I'm able to recharge in peace and intentional Quaker silence.

Phone: 610-526-5375

Doanh Wang

Head Tennis Coach and Lecturer in Physical Education

One of the overwhelmingly great things about Bryn Mawr College is the opportunity for staff and faculty to robustly engage with students in multiple capacities. For me, extending my Bryn Mawr experience to engage with historically underserved student populations on campus deepens my connectedness to this strong community of learners, movers, and shakers! FGLI is one of these substrates that enriches the Bryn Mawr experiences of students, staff, and faculty through dialogue and shared learning.

Phone: 610-526-7309


Faculty & Staff Directory

This directory lists faculty and staff who identified as FGLI in college and are interested in mentoring and supporting FGLI students at Bryn Mawr.


Melanie Bethea,

Alumnae/i Relations and Development
Lisa Camma,
Jenn Devine,
Lillian Sevilla,
Fran Thack,

Casey Barrier,
Susanna Fioratta,

Linda Caruso Haviland,
Mark Lord,

Doanh Wang,

Career & Civic Engagement Center
Ellie Esmond,

Olga Karagiaridi,

Matt Gray,

Controller’s Office
Amy Berry,

Dining Services
Shana Fountain,

Kate Thomas,

Cheryl Horsey,

Growth and Structure of Cities
Lauren Restrepo,

Darlyne Bailey,
Carolina Hausmann-Stabile,
Carmen Moedano,
Sarah Slates,

Impact Center
Joi Dallas,
Patti Lausch,

Ann Marie Gallagher,
Vickie Karasic,
Kristin Weaver,
Arleen Zimmerle,

Penny Dunham,
Daisy Sudparid,

Provost’s Office
Vanessa Davies,

Anjali Thapar,

Russian and Sponsored Research
Billie Jo Ember,

Veronica Montes,

Undergraduate Dean’s Office
Rachel Heiser,
Chuck Heyduck,
Tonja Nixon,

Peer Support Network

Our Student Directory of Breaking Barriers students serving as a trained mentor and/or tutor including those holding a leadership position and/or job position on campus. By knowing who is doing what on campus, we believe this can help strengthen our community to connect with one another and receive access to support & resources available on campus.

Position TitleName

Activities & Orientation Assistant (AOA) - Denbigh

Fatmata Sesay’23

Activities & Orientation Assistant (AOA) - ECC

Lizzany Mayta’24

Admissions Tour Guide

Fabi Martinez’23

Alliance of Multicultural Organizations (AMO) Coordinator

Breanna Brown’24

Breaking Barriers Student Coordinator

Francis Arellano’25

Breaking Barriers Student Coordinator

Veronica Ramirez’23

Breaking Barriers Student Coordinator

Estefania Torres’23

Breaking Barriers Student Coordinator

Iniya Vensel’25

Community Diversity Assistant (CDA) - Merion

Samnang Kim’24

Community Diversity Assistant (CDA) - Pembroke West

Jessica Smith’25

Community Diversity Assistant (CDA) - Rhoads South

Van Nguyen’24

Conferences & Events Coordinator

Breanna Brown’24

Customs Person (CP) - Pembroke East

Andrea Pinto’25

Customs Person (CP) - Radnor

Caelin Foley ‘25

Dining Services Student Manager

Celina Navarrete’23

Dining Services Student Manager

Leslie Torres’24

Hall Advisor (HA) - Denbigh

Celina Navarrete’23

Hall Advisor (HA) - ECC

Estefania Torres’23

Hall Advisor (HA) - Pembroke West

Sthefany Jacquez-Lopez’23

Hall Advisor (HA) - Radnor

Jasmin Diaz-Tello’23

Hall Advisor (HA) - Radnor

Michelle Lamadrid’24

Hall Advisor (HA) - Rock

Anai Dominguez’24

Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellow

Nelid Rios Morales’24

Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship

Keyla Benitez’ 24

Peer Health & Wellness Educator

Aeriel Lin’24

Peer Health & Wellness Educator

Sinthia Ahammed’25

Peer Health & Wellness Educator

Jasmin Diaz-Tello’23

Peer Mentor Co-Head - ECC

Jazmin Osorio-Rodriguez’24

Quantitative (Q) Mentor - 

Foqia Shahid’ 23

Quantitative (Q) Mentor - Q Sem

Jasmin Diaz-Tello’23

Quantitative (Q) Mentor - Sociology Quantitative Methods

Nelid Rios Morales’24

Teaching Assistant (TA) - Computer Science, Data Structures, Discrete Math

Fatima Irfan’24

Teaching Assistant (TA) - Spanish

Lizzany Mayta’24

Teaching Assistant (TA) - Spanish

Andrea Pinto’25

Teaching Assistant (TA) - Spanish

Diana Salmeron’24

Teaching Assistant (TA) - Spanish

Andy Tendilla’23

Tutor - Pre-Calculus, Calculus I, Calculus II

Fatima Irfan’24

Tutor - Spanish

Andy Tendilla’23