Photography and Video Information

The College photographer's main task is to capture, edit, and disseminate photos and videos for use in marketing and promoting the College.

To request photo/video services, fill out the Bryn Mawr Communications Request form. Under Your Request, select Photo or Video.

When making requests for photo/video services, please indicate what it is you'd like captured so we can determine if your request meets our criteria. (If you are looking for "stock" images for your web section, contact College Communications. College Communications has an iStock account, a pay-as-you-go bank of high-quality images.)

Requests will be prioritized depending on several factors, including newsworthiness, audience, and other elements. This form should be used for:

  • Major events
  • Relevant individual portraits (such as for faculty members)
  • Photography for marketing materials, such as brochures, or digital communications projects
  • Content relevant to important external audiences, such as prospective students, alumnae/i and contributors
  • Requests related to past or archival photos (these may also be referred to Library and Information Services)

Cameras can be checked out from the library for those simply looking to create a photographic record of something that's happening on campus. The Communications Office also has an extra DSLR that can be borrowed. Email Aaron Windhorst, campus photographer, for more information.

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