Dean's Office

What is the role of the deans at Bryn Mawr?

We promote the academic and personal growth of undergraduates at the College. 

Through advising and programming, we help students learn about available opportunities and resources and make decisions about when and how to take advantage of them. We work with students through their educational and personal Bryn Mawr journey, both inside and outside the classroom, understanding that successes and struggles in one area are likely to affect other areas as well. 

The Dean’s Office serves as a resource for students in a number of areas:

  • Pre-major advising
  • Academic planning
  • Degrees and graduation requirements
  • Academic support and student services
  • Academics beyond the Bi-Co
  • Leaves of absence
  • Student conduct

Overall, the Dean’s Office serves as a hub for most campus resources. Students are encouraged to seek out their dean for any questions they might have.


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