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This is a listing of social media accounts that are associated with and managed by Bryn Mawr College, its departments, programs, and organizations. Unofficial accounts are not typically included in this list. If you have concerns about the links below or know of or manage an account that you believe should be identified as an official account, email in order for it to be considered for inclusion.

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Official Social Media Accounts and Tags

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Name Facebook Instagram Twitter Other
**All Campus** BrynMawrCollege BrynMawrCollege BrynMawrCollege YouTube | LinkedIn
360 Program   bmc360program    
Admissions BMCAdmissions bmc_admissions   Blog
Alumnae/i BrynMawrAlumnaeAssociation BMCFlatAthena BrynMawrAlum  
Alumnae/i: GOLD BMCGOLD goldmawrters  
**Arts at Bryn Mawr**     brynmawrarts  
Arts: Dance Program BrynMawrCollegeDanceProgram bmcdanceprogram    
Arts: Performing Arts Series BrynMawrCollegePAS      
Arts: Reading Series BrynMawrReadingSeries      
Arts: Theater Program bicotheaterbrynmawr bicotheater    
**Athletics** BrynMawrCollegeAthletics bmcathletics bmcathletics  
Athletics: Basketball BMCbasketball bmcbasketball BMCBasketball  
Athletics: Crew BrynMawrCollegeRowing bmccrew   TikTok @bmcrowing
Athletics: Cross Country/Track & Field BrynMawrCollegeCrossCountryTeam

owlsxc, bmc_jumps_hurdles, bmcxctf

Athletics: Field Hockey BMCfieldhockey brynmawrcollegefieldhockey BMCfieldhockey  
Athletics: Lacrosse BMClacrosse bmclax bmclax  
Athletics: Soccer BMCSoccer brynmawrsoccer brynmawrsoccer  
Athletics: Swimming   bmcswim    
Athletics: Tennis BMCTennis      
Athletics: Volleyball BMCvolleyball bmcvolleyball    
Blended Learning     BlendedLAC  
Biology   bmcbiology    
Bookshop bmcbookshop bmcbookshop    
Career and Professional Development bmccpd      
Civic Engagement Office


Deans Office   brynmawrdeans    
**Dining Services** BMCDS brynmawrcollegedining BrynMawrDining  
Dining: Uncommon Grounds   uncommongrounds_bmc    
English   brynmawrenglishhouse   Blog
Graduate School of Arts and Sciences BrynMawrGraduatePrograms      
Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research BMCGSSWSR gsswsr_bmc GSSWSR_BMC  
LITS (Library and Information Technology Services) BrynMawrLITS BrynMawrLITS BrynMawrLITS  
Mathematics bmcmathematics brynmawrmath    
Museum Studies museatbmc      
The Pensby Center for Community Development & Inclusion   @inclusion_bmc    
Phebe Anna Thorne School phebeannathorne      
Postbaccalaureate Premedical Program BrynMawrPostbac bryn_mawr_postbac BrynMawrPostbac  
President   kcassbmc    
Self-Government Association bmcsga bmcsga bmcsga  
Special Collections BrynMawrCollegeSpecialCollections      
Study Abroad   bmcstudyabroad  


Official Hashtags

The following are words or phrases that identify messages in connection with a Bryn Mawr-related topic. Hashtags, with the number sign or hashtag preceding the phrase, are commonly used on Twitter and Instagram to associate a post or content with a topic, and they can also be used as search terms on those platforms.

Name Hashtag
All Campus #BrynMawrCollege | #Mawrvelous
360 Program #BMC360
Alumnae/i #BMCalum | #ProudToBeBrynMawr
Alumnae/i: GOLD #bmcgold | #goldmawrters
Admissions #BMC2027
Athletics #bmcathletics | #GoOwls | #CentConf | #LikeNeverBefore
Athletics: Basketball #BMCbasketball
Athletics: Crew #BMCcrew | #BMCrowing
Athletics: Cross Country/Track & Field #BMCCrossCountry | #BMCtrack
Athletics: Field Hockey #BMCfieldhockey
Athletics: Lacrosse #BMClax
Athletics: Soccer #BMCsoccer
Athletics: Swimming #BMCSwimming
Athletics: Tennis #BMCTennis
Athletics: Volleyball #BMCvolleyball
Dining Services #ErdmanEats | #nddhprovides | #bmcds
Phebe Anna Thorne School #phebeannathorneschool
President Kim Cassidy #kcass 
Special Collections #brynmawrspeccoll

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