Document Uploading Guidelines for Drupal

For step-by-step instructions on uploading documents and linking to documents in Drupal, view the tech documentation.

Uploadable File Types

  • .pdf, .docx, .doc, xlsx, .xls

Uploading New Files in Drupal: Best Practices

When considering uploading a document for use/viewing on, keep the following best practices in mind:

For All Files

  • File names must contain no spaces for compatibility reasons.
  • Files should be optimized for the web (sized down, etc.) whenever possible.
  • All files need to be made accessible for all visitors (see information on this page relating to different file types).


Before posting a PDF to, first consider whether the content in question would be better served as part of a standard web page in Drupal.

Advantages of posting content as part of standard (HTML) web pages on

  • Easier to update and keep current
  • Usually far superior than PDF experience when viewed on mobile devices
  • More easily searchable via internal site search or external Google (or other engine) search
  • No extra steps needed to ensure that content is accessible to all visitors/users

PDF advantages could include:

  • More easily printable
  • Creates a unique, static file if needed

Creating Accessible PDFs

If posting documents in the .pdf file format, keep in mind that they need to be made accessible to all users. 

Adobe offers a workflow guide to ensuring that PDFs are accessible to everyone.  

  • Consider accessibility before you convert a document to PDF.
  • As needed, add fillable form fields and descriptions, and set the tab order.
  • Add other accessibility features to the PDF.
  • Tag the PDF.
  • Evaluate the PDF and repair tagging problems.

Help is available if you are new to this process or aren't sure how to get started.

Accessibility resources:

Word and Excel

In general, posting Word documents (.docx, .doc) to is not recommended because of compatibility issues on the part of users. There are similar issues with posting Excel documents (.xlsx, .xls).

Creating Accessible Word and Excel Documents

If posting documents in these file formats, keep in mind that they need to be made accessible to all users. provides guidelines for creating accessible documents. A key tip to remember is that documents should be saved in the .docx and .xlsx formats, respectively, in order for accessibility testing to be possible. View the pages for documents and spreadsheets to learn more about how you can ensure that your documents are made accessible.  

Accessibility resources:

Updating Existing Document Files in Drupal

If you are updating a document that changes annually, such as a calendar or academic schedule, our established best practice is to update with a new file using the existing file name. That way, documents that are linked in multiple places on can remain without needing to update every single link to that document on the site.

However, this process involves an extra step. When ready to update the existing document, the document should be emailed to:

  • Chelsea DiCarlo in the Office of Communications
  • To the Help Desk for assistance from Web Services/LITS (note: only Web Services can update documents that are intended for on-campus or internal audiences only)

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