Personal Leave

To be eligible for a personal leave, students must successfully complete their academic work in the semester prior to the leave and must apply by June 1 (for the fall semester) or Nov. 1 (for the spring semester).  Students apply by discussing their plans with their deans.

Students on personal leave are expected to be taking time away from academics. Those who hope to study full-time at another institution should apply instead for Study Abroad or Study Away in the U.S. However, if they choose to take courses as a guest student at another institution in the U.S. during their leave they should consult our transfer credit policy and may apply to transfer up to two Bryn Mawr units per semester away.  

No matter the length of time initially requested, students on personal leave confirm their plans each semester (by Nov. 1 regarding plans for the spring and March 1 regarding plans for the fall) rather than filing a re-enrollment application. Students returning from personal leave usually participate in room draw and preregister for classes.

Before embarking on a leave, students with an F-1 visa must notify the Director of International Student and Scholar Services to update their immigration records and avoid compromising their eligibility to return to the U.S.

If you are returning from a Personal Leave, please complete this form to indicate your plans for the upcoming semester.

If you are returning from any other type of leave, you will need to apply for re-enrollment.