Staff Salaried Time Reporting

Updated as of January 21, 2021

Per Kim’s communication on December 14, 2020, staff hired and active prior to January 1, 2021 may take an additional day of vacation in 2021.  This extra day should be added to the 2021 vacation accrual on the back of your attendance sheet.  For full-time employees, this increases the 2021 vacation entitlements from 22 days (154 hours) to 23 days (161 hours).  Per the vacation policy, part-time employees receive annual accruals on a pro-rated basis and the extra day should be pro-rated similarly.

Updated as of December 15, 2020

To all Administrative/Professional Employees:

In order to account for the additional COVID sick time provided between March 13 and August 1, a new 2020 Attendance Record had to be created.  The new 2020 form (marked as “REVISED”) should be used and is available on the Human Resources website  Please do not use the original purple-colored Attendance Record form provided last December.   

Your 2020 Attendance Record is due in Human Resources by Friday, January 29, 2021.   

Your attendance record must indicate all leave time (vacation, sick, personal, short-term disability, funeral, etc.) from January through December 2020. Please note that any COVID-related sick time should be designated as regular sick time. 

Please complete both sides of the 2020 Attendance Record in detail, including your name and ID number.  The front of the form should list all leave time used in 2020 including monthly totals.  The back of the form should list your personal, vacation and sick accruals and any carryover balances if applicable.  Staff may carry over accrued vacation time up to a maximum of 5 days.  

Some of you may not have easy access to your 2019 Attendance Record and may not know your sick and vacation carryover balances.  If you need this information, please contact the person indicated based on the first letter of your last name:

A - K       Please contact Mary Eldon at

L - Z        Please contact Alyssa Slattery at

The added feature on the REVISED Attendance Record are three lines used to calculate COVID sick time, which is added back to the final balance.  As a reminder, the limits on the amount of COVID sick time provided were as follows: 

COVID sick time is limited to the equivalent of five weeks, or 175 hours for a full-time employee.  All five weeks can be taken between March 13 and May 14.  If not all of the COVID sick time was used during this period, additional time, to a maximum of two weeks, or 70 hours for a full-time employee, can be taken between May 15 and August 1.

Accounting for the COVID sick time may be confusing so I have included an example that I hope brings some clarity. 


A full-time employee began 2020 with sick carryover of 250 hours.  She used eight weeks (280 hours) of sick time during 2020.  Four weeks (140 hours) were taken between March 13 and May 14 and two weeks (70 hours) were taken between May 15 – August 1. 

Sick Carryover 12/31/19                                                 250 hours 
+    2020 Sick Accrual                                                    + 63 hours 
-      2020 Amount Used                                                - 280 hours 
+    COVID Sick Time 3/13 – 5/14                                + 140 hours 
+    COVID Sick Time 5/15 – 8/1                                    + 35 hours 
12/31/20 Balance                                                            208 hours 

Please note in the example that the person was only able to add back one week of the two weeks used between May 15 and August 1 because this placed her at the COVID sick time maximum of five weeks. 

Once you have fully completed the form (including calculations), please have your supervisor review and approve it by signing the back of the form .  Completed forms can be sent via intra-campus mail or can be scanned and e-mailed to Maureen Scott at   If there is difficulty obtaining signatures, please note that Human Resources will accept an unsigned form if it is sent by the supervisor as an email attachment.  The completed form must be sent no later than Friday, January 29, 2021.  If the form is not received in Human Resources by this date, your vacation and sick carryover will be recorded as zero for the twelve-month period. 

A 2021 Attendance Record including the 2021 Holiday Schedule, is also available on the Human Resources website:   As was recently advised by President Cassidy, all staff are receiving an extra vacation day in 2021.  For full-time Administrative/Professional employees, this increases the 2021 vacation entitlements from 22 days (154 hours) to 23 days (161 hours).  

Please note that the 2020 Winter Break begins on Thursday, December 24 and runs through Friday, January 1, 2021.  The College reopens on Monday, January 4, 2021.   

Please send me an email or call me at ext. 5266 if you have any questions. 

Updated as of May 19, 2020

Essential staff who are still reporting to work on-campus, as well as staff who are working remotely, will classify these periods as time worked.

Many staff are unable to work fully or partially during the COVID-19 crisis.  Staff have been provided with the equivalent of 5 weeks of additional time specific to the COVID-19 crisis.  This additional time can be reported as either “sick“ or “sick-other“.  The distinction really is not important; in all cases you can just classify it as “sick“.  However, if you want to clarify that you using this time off to care for someone else, then “sick-other” is also fine.

During the COVID-19 crisis, the College is using an expanded definition of sick time that covers many reasons that an employee cannot work.  This includes any classification in a high-risk category due to age underlying health conditions, or due to a family member who resides in the same household as the employee who has such risk factors. It includes any family obligation related to COVID-19, including child care concerns related to the state-mandated closure of day care centers and schools.  It also includes time when the employee has been ordered not to work, in order to comply with Governor Wolf’s directive that only essential (life-sustaining) services be provided.  Finally, it includes any period of time when an employee who is working remotely cannot perform work during all regularly scheduled hours.

The 5 weeks (25 days) of additional time can be used starting on March 13, 2020, the first day that schools in Montgomery county were ordered to be closed by the Governor.  This leave is available to all staff who were actively at work prior to this date.  Fifteen
 days of this additional time can be used between March 13 and May 14, 2020; the remaining ten days must be used by August 1, 2020.  With the exception of these ten days, once you have used all of the 25 days, further sick time utilization must be based on the qualifications as indicated in the Sick Leave Policy within the Staff Handbook.

Full-time salaried employees will receive credit for sick time used during this period, for up to 175 hours (5 weeks @ 35 hours).  Part-time employees will receive a pro-rated amount, based on the work schedule in effect prior to the start of the COVID-19 period. 

Sick time associated with COVID-19 will be tracked on a revised 2020 Attendance Record, which will be distributed after the end of the COVID-19 period has been determined.  Any sick time used during this period, up to the 5-week allotment, will be added to the balance tally for the end of the year.  For example, if an employee used 100 hours of sick time during the crisis and had a balance of 250 hours that dropped to 150 hours, that person’s balance will be restored to 250 hours.  Sick time associated with the COVID-19 period that is not used will not carry over; it can only be used during this designated period.

Staff may elect to use available vacation and personal time if sick time has been exhausted or in lieu of sick time.