Q Center Schedule

Schedule a virtual appointment with a Q Mentor! 

All Q Center appointments will be online in Spring 2021.  Please schedule an appointment through our new online scheduling platform.  We hope to see you soon!

  1. To access the platform, go to:    mywco.com/bmcqcenter      
  2.  Log into your account. If you do not have an account, please create an account.
  3. After logging in, you will be able to view the Q Center schedule. [**The boxes that are blue are not available for appointments.**]
  4. Hover your cursor over an open slot for the specific mentor that you would like to schedule your appointment with. You will also be able to see if the mentor is scheduled to work with other students at that time.
    1. Click on the slot, a new tab will open
    2. Be sure that the “Schedule Online Appointment” option is selected
    3. Confirm that it is the correct mentor and time slot. Fill in your course name, course instructor name, and what you would like to work on during that appointment.
    4. Please include a phone number so the mentor can text or call you in case of technical difficulties.
    5. If you have an unreliable internet connection, please ask the mentor about alternatives to video conferencing.
    6. Select “Create Appointment”. You should receive an email confirming your appointment was made.
  5. When it is time for your appointment, click on your reserved slot, and a new tab will open.
    1. Under the section “Meet Tutor Online”, click on “Start or Join Online Consultation”
    2. A new window should open. On this online consultation page, you can confirm that mentor is present at the appointment by clicking on the figure of the three people (located in the top right corner) or by checking if a video box appears on the left side.
    3. There are various tools to use during your appointment. When needed, you may mute yourself or your mentor, attach documents, and communicate via chat.
  6. When you have finished with your meeting, close your tab to end the online consultation.


For more information about mentor skills and specialties, please consult the chart below.

Current Q Mentors

(Minors are italicized.)

**Leave of absence, Spring 2021

Name Major Skills/Specialties
Hurum Tohfa '22 Physics (Scientific Computing) Calculus through Diff Eq, Linear Algebra, Physics: E&M, Quantum Mechanics, and beyond
Linh Tran '22 Mathematics, Computer Science Calculus through Diff Eq, Discrete Math, Linear Algebra, Econ I, Gen Chemistry I 
Sophia Ou '22 Psychology, Mathematics Calculus through Diff Eq, Linear Algebra, Intro Econ, Advanced Math, Psych Methods & Statistics
Ha Phan '22 Computer Science Calculus through Multivariable, Comp Sci, Intro Econ, Linear Algebra, Probability
Kirtee Ramo '22 Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Geology Biology, Calculus through Multivariable, Organic Chemistry I & II, Geology, Linear Algebra, Physics: Quantum Mechanics
Olga Shevchuk '22 Computer Science, Mathematics Calculus through Multivariable, Comp Sci, Discrete Math, Intro Econ, Linear Algebra, Advanced Math
Nitisha Bhandari '22 Computer Science Logic, Calculus I & II, Computer Science, Discrete Math, Linear Algebra
Lola Rodrigues '23 undeclared Calculus through Multivariable, Linear Algebra
Trang Dang '23 undeclared Calculus I or II, Linear Algebra, Discrete Math, Computer Science