Maja Šešelj

Associate Professor of Anthropology on the Clowes Professorship in Science and Public Policy
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Phone 610-526-5032
Location Dalton 310
Office Hours
Tuesday 2:00-4:00; Wednesday 1:00-2:30
On Leave
semester II


Ph.D., New York University.

Areas of Focus

Biological anthropology; the evolution of the modern human pattern of growth and development


Maja Seselj is a biological anthropologist whose primary research interest is the evolution of the modern human pattern of growth and development. To that end, she has investigated the relationship between dental development and skeletal growth in a variety of archaeological and known-age human skeletal collections from across the world, as well as the relationship between sexual maturation and bone growth in a longitudinal study setting in the US. She has also participated in paleontological and archaeological field work in Croatia, Tanzania and France. Her broader interests include paleoanthropology, functional anatomy, human and primate biology, and Paleolithic archaeology.

In addition to the introductory course in biological anthropology and prehistoric archaeology, her course offerings include forensic anthropology, human evolution, and human growth and development, and she is looking forward to teaching courses in human and primate biology and behavior, and the senior conference seminar.