Data Science-Related News

Posted March 31st, 2021
This summer, LACOL is offering two online courses open to BMC Students: Introduction to Data Science and Digital Humanities: Social Justice Collections and Liberal Arts Curricula.
Posted February 22nd, 2021
Trang is conducting research with Oxford University’s Clinical Research Unit.
Posted December 1st, 2020
Research Assistant Kate Petrova found some interesting trends when she plotted negative online reviews of scented candles relative to the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Sydne Record works with Nia Riggins '20 (left) and Kyra Hoerr '20
Posted October 1st, 2019
The grant will fund research on how natural and human-made factors affect geographic patterns of biodiversity.
Anjali Thapar
Posted April 11th, 2019
“Data Science” is a catch-all term used to describe the practice of working with and analyzing large-scale datasets to draw meaningful conclusions.