Embracing Transformative Partnerships

Through developing partnerships that cross traditional boundaries of role and responsibility, Bryn Mawr College faculty, staff, and students transform both education and themselves.

Faculty Comments

“The TLI seminar was a transformative experience; re-connected me with my love of, and investment in teaching; recharged my understanding of the connections between the classroom, my scholarship, and my work as a member of my college community; reawakened my faith in the potential academic institutions have to be sites of innovative and vital work for all who are part of the community.”

Student Comments

“I have been involved in TLI in some form or another since my freshman year and my journey with the TLI has been so transformative. I am extremely grateful to have been allowed this opportunity and recognize how much of a privilege it is to be allowed into such a community and form of work that is so meaningful and progressive.”

“I think we really are making a difference in the way education is envisioned and enacted on this campus. We are making teaching and learning more fluid and dynamic, while empowering both professors and students in the process. I think we also bring our own priorities and values into this work, discussing issues of diversity, different learning styles, and topics to consider with our faculty partners, thus having a say in what we learn and how.”

“Through this [TLI] work I have come to feel more connected to Bryn Mawr, my peers and the faculty. My involvement has been a period of great personal growth and prompted self reflection I don’t think I would have been able to do otherwise or on my own.”

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