Mark Matlin: Publications

“Culturally Responsive Strategies for Addressing Recruitment and Retention of Women in STEM: Online Modules for Building STEM Majors’ Computational Skills,” Mark Matlin, Elizabeth McCormack, Douglas Blank, and Jennifer Spohrer.  Culturally Responsive Strategies for Reforming STEM Higher Education: Turning the TIDES on Inequity.  Ed. K. Mack, K. Winter, M. Soto.  Bingley UK: Emerald Pub., 115-133 (2019). 

“Photorefractive polymers: Materials science, thin-film fabrication, and experiments in volume holography,” D.J. McGee and M.D. MatlinAm. J. Phys. 69 (10), 1055-1063 (2001).

“Pattern alternation and pattern erasure in a swept-cavity photorefractive oscillator,” M.D. Matlin, D.J. McGee, Z. Chen and N.B. Abraham, Quant. & Semiclass. Opt.: J. Euro. Opt. SocB 10 (6), 861-867 (1998).

“Photorefractive nonlinear optics in the undergraduate physics laboratory,” M.D. Matlin and D.J. McGee, Am. J. Phys65 (7), 622-634 (1997).

“Polarization stability and dynamics in a model for a polarization-isotropic laser that goes beyond third-order Lamb theory,” N.B. Abraham, M.D. Matlin and R.S. Gioggia, Phys. Rev. A 53 (5), 3514-3528 (1996).

“Polarization switch in a Zeeman laser in the presence of dynamical instabilities,” M.D. Matlin, R.S. Gioggia, N.B. Abraham, P. Glorieux and T. Crawford, Opt. Comm120, 204-222 (1995).

“Geodesic motion in a Kaluza-Klein bubble spacetime,” D.R. Brill and M.D. MatlinPhys. RevD 39 (10), 3151-3154 (1989).

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