Research Opportunities

Students are encouraged to get involved with research early on in their college careers, both at Bryn Mawr during the semester and during the summer, either on campus or through the myriad REU programs. See the slideshow carousel above for some resent research projects conducted with Bryn Mawr physics faculty.

Tips for Getting into Research Programs

Writing a Cover Letter Tips and Sample

General advice for writing a successful application (this one is focused on the National Institute of Health, but is still generally applicable).

Funding Opportunities From Bryn Mawr (International Students Eligible)

A Collection of Off-Campus Programs (International Students Eligible--Yes/No/Maybe)

American Physical Society Undergraduate Research Resources (Intl-Maybe)

APS/IBM Research Internship for Undergraduate Women (Intl-Yes)

National Science Foundation Research Experience for Undergraduates, NSF REU (Intl-No)

NASA Intern and Fellow Opportunities for International Students (Intl-Yes, obviously)

NASA OSSI-One Stop Shopping Initiative-Internship Database/Application Center (Intl-Maybe)

Pennsylvania Space Grant Consortium-Thorough List of NASA related Internship Opportunities (Intl-Maybe)​

Astronomy-related REU's (via the American Astronomical Society) (Intl-Maybe)

National Lab REUs

Oak Ridge National Laboratory Undergraduate Research

Lawrence Livermore National Lab

Fermi National Lab Internships for Physics Majors (Intl-Yes)

Sandia National Laboratory

Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory SULI Program

Los Alamos National Laboratory Student Programs

Ames Laboratory SULI Program

NIST SURF Program (Intl-No)

Caltech SURF Program (Intl-Yes)

MIT Summer Research Program (Intl-Yes)

MIT Lincoln Lab Summer Research Program (Intl-No)

STScI Space Astronomy Summer Program (Intl-Yes)

MSU Solar Physics/Astronomy & Space Physics REU (Intl-Yes)

Laser Interferometric Gravitational Observatory (LIGO) (Intl-Yes)

Biomedical Sciences at Medical College of Wisconsin (Intl-Yes)

Carnegie Mellon University & University of Pittsburgh LearnLab (Intl-Yes)

UCSD Center for Theoretical Biological Physics (research opportunities but not funding for international students) (Intl-Yes)​

Research Internships in Science and Engineering (RISE), Germany (Intl-Yes)

CERN Summer Internships (Intl-Yes)

University of Tokyo Research Internship Program (UTRIP) (Intl-Yes)​

College of Wooster REU program

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