Fulbright Information for Writers of Foreign Language Evaluations


The Fulbright Program offers graduating seniors, recent graduates, and graduate students one-year fellowships for study, research, or teaching assistantships abroad.  Like the entire Fulbright program, its mission is “to increase mutual understanding between the peoples of the United States and other countries through the exchange of persons, knowledge and skills.”

This information sheet is intended to make the process of submitting your foreign language evaluation as simple as possible.

Because Fulbright requires a campus review of all candidates, the internal deadline for all materials is September 13

Fulbright uses a completely online system.  Students must use this online system for gathering evaluations before the internal review.  If a student asks you for a foreign language evaluation in person, please provide your email address for her to register you online.  

Once the student has registered you, you will receive an email message with user id, password, and a link to the application website.  Please save this email in a secure, easily found place, so that you may return to it as necessary.  You will be asked to log in to confirm the following:  Name, Organization, Email and Address.  You will then find a list of applicants, both past and present, who have requested evaluations and recommendations from you, based upon your email address.  Current applicants will be accessible via a hyperlink. 

Note: Messages from Embark are sometimes perceived as spam.  If necessary, please check your quarantine folder or contact the Help Desk.  Students can also activate the application system to resend the email.

After clicking on the student’s name, you will find one page to be completed.  This page requires your biographical data, such as name, title and institutional information.  Below this, you will find a list of questions regarding the student’s language ability and a short answer section regarding your method of evaluation.   We have instructed students to provide you with an outline of their proposals in order for you to best evaluate their ability to undertake it in their prospective language.   

You may log in to the recommendation site as often as you like before you submit the evaluation.  You may save your answers and return to them to edit them as you wish.  Once you have submitted, you may not edit or delete the form. 

Special notice for faculty who are asked to write both a letter of recommendation and a language evaluation

Fulbright recommends that students not ask the same person for both these documents, and we will pass that recommendation on to students.  Inevitably, however, there are times when it is unavoidable, and Fulbright rules do allow this.  However, the online system requires a unique email address for each submission.  If you have an alternate email address, we ask that you give the student that address to enter for the second form.  If you don’t, or if you are unwilling to do this, please contact me to make alternate arrangements. 

Questions:  Contact Ellie Stanford, Bryn Mawr Fellowships Adviser