For Faculty

The Tri-Co Philly Program provides resources for faculty and their students to engage with Philadelphia.

Teaching a course in Philadelphia
Faculty interested in teaching a class in Philadelphia should contact Calista Cleary to discuss course proposals for the Tri-Co Philly Program. Interested faculty are invited to submit a one- or two-page proposal (in Word or PDF format) to Calista Cleary that includes a description of their course and an outline of how the class will engage with Philadelphia, including interactions with local organizations, sites, speakers, etc. Classes are taught at the Friends Center to support regular interactions with the city. Each semester, three Tri-Co faculty offer courses in the program. For more information regarding grants or curricular ideas, contact Calista Cleary, Program Director.

Support for connecting your course to Philadelphia
For faculty either interested in or already connecting their courses with Philadelphia, the program offers two levels of Philadelphia-engagement grants. Grants are designed to enrich the curricular content of an on-campus class by facilitating student experiences in the city. Small grants (up to $500) can cover the cost of a one-time experience and travel, e.g. a play; a visit to a research lab; a visit to a neighborhood or organization; admission to a museum or archive, for instance. Larger grants (up to $1,500) are available to cover the costs of more sustained engagement with the city, such as multiple visits to the city or collaboration with an organization.

The application for the spring 2024 semester Philadelphia Engagement Grants is now available. The deadline to apply is Friday, January 5th by 11:59 p.m., 2024.