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Origins of Freedom 360° Info Session

Nov 1
12:00pm - 1:00pm
On Campus Event - Dalton, Dalton 315 (Anthropology Lab)

Join faculty from the Origins of Freedom 360° scheduled for Spring 2024 to learn about this cluster, featuring courses in Anthropology, French, and Political Science!

How might human beings live according to nature? Is property natural? Is freedom or unfreedom? How can studying human societies in the past inform collective organization in the present? Integrating archaeology, anthropology, philosophy, geography, and political theory, this cluster investigates the origins of freedom through lenses of individual, social, and political agency as well as the stories we tell (and the evidence we marshal) to support these views.

Applications are due Wednesday, Nov. 8, at noon.

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Audience: For Students
Type(s): Informational Event/Presentation
Sarah Theobald

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