Promote Your Event

To promote your event on the College's website and in the Daily Digest, use this form:

Note: If you are looking to submit an Announcement, use this form.

Events Overview

Submitting this Event/Daily Digest form produces a unique web page for your event. The submission form is used to enter the relevant information into Drupal, the College's web content management system. For more detailed instructions on how to use the form, see below and visit the technical documentation page.

  • The deadline for Event/Daily Digest submissions is 10 a.m. weekdays. Submissions after that deadline will be considered the next applicable day.
  • Note: The Event/Daily Digest form is for advertising your event, not for booking a room reservation or space. That is done via Virtual EMS and overseen by the Conferences and Events Office.

All submissions are approved by Communications before publication on the website. In most cases, you should have already reserved your event space (including any public virtual event) via Virtual EMS before submitting the form. Communications staff will provide confirmation or follow up with questions before the event appears live on the College's website.

Important notes:

  • If something changes with your event after you have submitted the form, contact Communications immediately. Note that making a change in EMS will not be reflected on the event promotion web page.
  • Bryn Mawr College strives to provide equal access to all College-sponsored activities and events. Learn more by reading the College's accessibility policy for events.
  • Over the summer, the Daily Digest will be sent every two weeks, and will cover the upcoming two weeks' worth of events.

Daily Digest Overview

The Daily Digest is the College’s daily e-newsletter sent out to all of campus, listing important information about upcoming or day-of events. It is sent to students, faculty, and staff on weekdays when class is in session. For more information, visit the Office of Communications' Daily Digest page.

    Events/Daily Digest Form "How To"

      1. Main Content

      Fill in the event name/title, time, date, location, and blurb/description. You can also include photos, related links, and other elements. You will also choose Event Type and Event Audience from drop-down menus. For Event Audience, be sure to choose BMC Community if the intended audience is the College community but not also the general public.

      • If you have a Drupal login, you will have more options when submitting the Event/Daily Digest form. If you don't, you will not have some content-related options, such as the ability to include images, syndication dropdowns, and other choices. 
      • To include registration information, contact

      2. Syndication (Only for Logged In Drupal Users)

      You can choose a Secondary Section (e.g., Psychology) and Topics choices (e.g., Arts), which will syndicate events to your section of the website. For more information on syndicating your events, contact

      3. Daily Digest

      You will see an option for including your event promotion in the Daily Digest. There is an option not to publish in the Daily Digest as well. If you are promoting an event in Daily Digest, select two additional dates when you want the event to appear in the newsletter (the day of the event is automatically included for publication). Please note that the usual Daily Digest deadline is 10 a.m. the day before publication. 

      Questions about content should be sent to 

      Note: Over the summer, the Daily Digest will be sent every two weeks, and will include announcements and cover the upcoming two weeks' worth of events.

      Summer 2022 Daily Digest Publication Schedule

      • Monday, May 16
      • Tuesday, May 31 (due to the Memorial Day holiday) 
      • Monday, June 13
      • Monday, June 27
      • Monday, July 11
      • Monday, July 25
      • Monday, Aug. 8
      • Monday, Aug. 22 (resumes regular schedule)

      Accessibility Policy

      Bryn Mawr College welcomes the full participation of all individuals in all aspects of campus life. Should you wish to request a disability-related accommodation for this event, please contact the event sponsor/coordinator. Requests should be made as early as possible.

      Virtual Events

      • Virtual public events now require EMS reservations. Click here to reserve your virtual space.
      • Zoom events published to the College website should use registration or require authentication with a BMC or Tri-Co account to join. Zoom events with meeting IDs and passcodes cannot be published due to the risk of Zoom bombing, the unwanted intrusion of internet strangers who seek to wreak havoc on video-conference calls through offensive means. For more information, please follow LITS' guide on creating secure Zoom events. Thank you for your role in keeping our community safe.
      • For more information, visit the Online/Virtual Event Guide.